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Business Development


Business Development


                                              Hasco Craver IV| Assistant City Manager 
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The mission of the Business Development and Special Events Department is to maintain healthy, viable commercial districts that are symbols of community caring and promote a high quality of life. 

Business Development Operations

The Business Development Department is made up of two parts: Business Development and Main Street Newnan.

The Business Development Department is directly concerned with three areas of development:

  1. Business retention, helping businesses stay in touch with their market;
  2. Business expansion, creating new jobs, and
  3. Business development, filling existing space with new businesses.
We take an active roll in working with all of our businesses regardless of size. Our department meets with new retailers and restaurants including the big boxes. We explain the market to them and the fact that advertising in the surrounding counties is just as important as here in Coweta. We encourage them to become a friend of downtown through contributions to the Main Street program and participating in local events creating a "bond" with the community.

Finally, our department is especially concerned with maintaining the economic development of downtown. Big box is not an enemy of downtown. We tell our merchants that they do not sell anything that you can not buy somewhere else. What they do sell is service. We continue to try and create a destination shopping experience in our downtown. We have completed a gorgeous streetscape program downtown utilizing transportation enhancement funding. It is a slow and constant process. It flows with the economy. When the economy is down, retail is down and that affects the "mom and pop" retailers the hardest. Downtown must be viewed as a shopping mall to survive and it can only be done with the support of local officials, staff, and most importantly merchants and citizens. It takes time and effort but downtown is truly the "heart of the city".

The Main Street Approach to Downtown Revitalization
The need to revitalize downtown commercial districts is clear. A healthy, viable downtown is crucial to the heritage, economic health and civic pride of the entire community for several reasons. A healthy downtown also means a stronger tax base; long-term revitalization establishes capable business that use public services and provide tax revenues for the community. A revitalized downtown increases the community’s options for goods and services, whether for basic staples like clothing, food and professional services or for less traditional functions such as housing or entertainment. Finally, revitalized downtowns are symbols of community caring and high quality of life, factors that influence corporate decisions to locate to a community.